Editors and Partners

A Syrious Look is curated and edited by Mohammad Abou Laban (poet and screenwriter), Ziad Adwan (theatre and film director), and Mario Münster (publisher, co-founder of ROSEGARDEN Magazine).

Contributing editors: Lena Baseler, Raphael Neuner, David Hermann, May Seifan, Doha Hassan.

Contributing photographers Tabea Mathern and Florian Reimann. They shot a series of portraits of featured artists. The photos appear in the magazine and are scheduled to be exhibited in Berlin.

The Hamburg-based design Studio Mutter provided the magazine’s design.

Stories Unlimited, a Berlin-based creative studio specializing in video storytelling, is on board for a video documentation.

KOMBUESE e.V., a non-profit organization dedicated to the idea of social entrepreneurship is supporting the project.

The project is supported by METRO GROUP.